I tried to make my life hard🌈 And found miserably a 🌪 My thoughts 💃🏾! My life was 👩🏼‍🚒🔥? And now I know!

Making my life easy was never a challenge ! Untill I over thought about the process!!

Big Bang

November 26, 2019

big Jake’s DRIP

“Come join this oddessy on the lazy river of enlightenment. It goes where you take it🥟!”

Knot dripping.

November 19, 2019

KnOwlEdgE TiT$ 4 Dat ASS

Making sneakers sense I was able. But now I am A CANE!

Big Bang

November 17, 2019


As requested! And promised our roots are growing! Want to be part of the wild thoughts with the Big Bang? Then listen to know the price is right!


Big Bang

November 11, 2019

wreCkiN The 🧠

Try new things. And if you fail Even once! Leave at once! Say it with me if you are proud.

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Big Bang

November 6, 2019

DriP the CuM

Make your life Easy! Abundance is inadequate!

Big Bang

November 1, 2019


We create We designed We destroy Abundant times Are abundant dressers

Big Bang

October 29, 2019

ElePhant MeMorY


Send your ugly thoughts to the lions . For they are hungry.

Big Bang

October 24, 2019

TimE To AdvenTure!!

A free mind will burn your gates!

Big Bang

October 17, 2019

I Know!

Follow us! To path of knowing. Charlotte opens some new channels!

Big Bang

October 15, 2019

Make your life easy!

Damage control! And ecstasy! Yellow cars! And blue bombs! Big Bang

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BigW BangT

October 8, 2019


Fear of criticism. Shall be banished.

Big Bang

October 7, 2019


Trying something new is not failing unless you tell your self it is failed! Trust the system that you create!

Big Bang

October 1, 2019

EyEs of EtErnal dEstination

Life is what illusion you accidentally stumble upon’

Big Bang

September 28, 2019

LEADerS and DreAmers

The value you put on your mind! Will usher the heart to follow!

Big Bang

September 22, 2019


Afraid to try! Mess your face!

September 18, 2019

tIdal WavE

The waters stream is pulling. And you resign to resist.

Big Bang

September 12, 2019

KnOWN Habit$$$

Emissions decay my lungs. But I still drive! My mind creates hell! So I stop thinking.

Big Bang

September 11, 2019

know thy selF

Know it and manifest it.

Big Bang

September 5, 2019


Don’t be so creative in your thoughts! Be creative in your actions !

August 23, 2019

harmonizing levels

Why not expand? why not explore? I am going to knock a whole in that motherfucking door!

Big Bang

August 21, 2019

drift no more

Personally I would listen to this all day! Render more service

August 15, 2019

finding time on a Devil

3:00 am the devils stirred 3:10 am life moved 3:20 am pay the man. 3:30 am find the devils 3:40 am manifest your self

Big Bang

August 12, 2019

twins chasing the moon!

We chased after the provider! Until our legs got tired! We turned backed to have a snack! And the provider was mashed! By my teeth!

August 7, 2019


I am perfectly resolved in my life

August 5, 2019

the bugs of sick

The objective of your sensational desire.

August 4, 2019

sold my self

Talk about a faith. And find it in your self. Big Bang

August 1, 2019

KinG DicE rOOLEr

Massive movement part eight! Don’t play in the sand if you don’t want to become it!

Big Bang

July 29, 2019

visionary’s glass

A movement of shit! Puts success gleam in your eye!

Big Bang

July 26, 2019


Time has no natural physical form! Therefore you believe in a idea. Big Bang

July 24, 2019

treasure of Breath

Fostering a potential for understanding .

Big Bang

July 22, 2019

The Thinking tree

Wow!!!! A bomb fire . Just went off.

Charlotte. Dripped hard!

Big Bang

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